About Us

Amaze Training is run by Karen McGowan and Louise Thomas, who have a proven track record of inspiring and developing people to achieve tangible results. They are both strong communicators, leaders and motivators with high levels of creativity and integrity.


Karen has over 25 years experience of working within Financial Services, including 15 years in the field of Learning & Development. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach and holds a BA (hons) degree in Social Science and an NVQ in Training.

“Learning is a real passion for me and it is wonderful to facilitate others to be able to discover their own potential. I am a personal advocate of sales and service and believe that one cannot exist effectively without the other. By developing appropriate soft skills, people can learn to uncover a customer’s individual needs and more accurately match a product or service that provides maximum benefits for both the customer and the business. It‘s an exciting journey facilitating people to develop themselves and to see the difference it makes to the workplace when they are engaged and motivated.”


Louise has worked in Financial Services for 20 years, including 16 years in Learning & Development. She is an NLP Business Practitioner and an Accredited Coach.

“I am driven to inspire people to be the very best they can. I find it easy to build rapport with everyone I meet and I get a real buzz when I see people reaching the ‘light bulb moment’ and recognising their potential. I love using NLP techniques and believe strongly in the benefits of Emotional Intelligence. Training for me isn’t just stand up delivery, it is about applying knowledge and developing skills that make a difference in the real world. This is where coaching and mentoring activities really come into their own by making learning come alive.”

Why Does NLP Feature In Our Approach?

When used effectively, NLP is a subtle tool that can enhance performance. It underpins our approach and has proven to make a huge difference to the success of our training.

Areas where it adds most value include, improving communication skills and strengthening customer relationships. By helping to build better rapport, people can not only use language more effectively to understand and relate to customer needs, but they can also engage in significantly better team working. On a personal level it can make people more self aware and help them to develop coping strategies for situations that arise both inside and outside the workplace. This in turn encourages a calmer and more positive working environment, even during challenging periods.