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What if training could keep on delivering results long after the course is finished?

Our Train The Trainer programmes can add real long term value to your business by developing your in-house training teams in our techniques and providing you with sustainable learning that can benefit your people and business for many years to come.

Our bespoke train the trainer courses:

  • Assess the skills of your training professionals and identify how they can build on this and develop into first class trainers.
  • Inspire them to become strong, creative leaders and design their own fun and engaging training material.
  • Provide short programmes on areas such as learning styles, training theories, group learning, –to–1 sessions, interview techniques, feedback and coaching.
  • Introduce trainers to NLP and demonstrate how they can use it to maximise learning during courses, more effectively engage delegates and how it can support their own personal development.
  • Ensure that your in-house team become effective motivators, coaches, relationship builders and are able to personalise their approach to training needs and requirements.

All train the trainer programmes are fully customisable to your organisation.


Amazing Sales Skills Programmes

Your Courses

We offer a suite of courses and programmes for sales training.

  • Creating a successful sales culture – how to instil a sales culture into your business that will have the support of your people. Demonstrates that sales should go hand in hand with customer services as an enabler and that it isn’t about hard/pushy selling techniques.
  • Sales theories/models/techniques – from basic selling to more advance sales.
  • Supporting a sales team – a course for team leaders and managers to ensure learning is sustained and transferred effectively into the work place. Looks at different coaching techniques to match the individual style of the learner (i.e. process driven learner/visual/ kinaesthetic etc). Also looks at how NLP techniques can assist in sales by adapting communication styles, understanding different customer personality types, reading and matching verbal and non verbal clues within a conversation, rapport building techniques etc.
  • Questioning and listening skills to help uncover a customer’s needs.


Amazing Leadership Programmes

This suite of training is aimed at creating effective Leaders in your business.

  • Understanding leadership theories (including Adair, Kolb, Emotional Intelligence).
  • Understanding leadership styles – identifying your own style and how you can be more flexible and adapt your style to positively influence your team in terms of performance results, engagement scores, absence and attrition. Looks at the difference between leadership and management.
  • Team building – how to strengthen relationships with your team and within the team and the business. How to motivate and inspire a team to improve performance.
  • Developing your leaders – an introduction to basic team leading skills for junior managers/team leaders. This is a programme run over a six month period that includes reflective learning, work based assignments, self and group study and assessed projects.
  • NLP for leaders – looking at how some basic NLP techniques can improve the communication skills of leaders and how leaders can use the techniques to coach, motivate and inspire their teams to improve performance.

Amazing Customer Service Programmes

  • Know your customer – understanding different customer types and needs.
  • Relationship and rapport building.
  • Engage your customer – ‘people buy people’ – how to achieve good first impressions.
  • Complaint handling.

Amazing Communication Skills Workshop

  • How to communicate more effectively with your customer using NLP techniques (on the phone and face to face) and the importance of positive language, tone of voice and body language.

Amazing Coaching Skills

Coaching is the key to embedding learning and ensuring your investment in training brings results. It gives managers, team leaders and coaches skills and knowledge to help their team members use the learning in a way that best suits them as an individual. It also inspires them and gives them the confidence to try out the learning by applying it in small steps.

  • Introducing a coaching culture into your business/organisation.
  • 1–to–1 coaching.
  • Triad coaching techniques.
  • Coaching using NLP techniques.
  • Life coaching (telephone based or face to face sessions).
  • Creative coaching tools and techniques.
  • Coaching to improve performance.

Please contact us to discuss any of these training programmes. All of them can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.