Amazing Sales Skills programmes –

If you are having sales conversations face to face or over the telephone, our sales programmes are guaranteed to instil confidence and inspire you to achieve your targets whilst still offering amazing customer service.

Introduction to sales skills

By the end of this one day workshop you will be able to:

  • Examine how own attitude and beliefs around sales can create barriers to having effective sales conversations
  • Use a series of practical sales and relationship building tools to increase selling potential
  • Understand what motivates a customer to buy
  • Introduce an effective sales and communication model
  • Discover customer needs through effective questioning and listening skills
  • Practically apply these skills to your sales role to maximise income and value
  • Overcome potential objections
  • Delight your customer throughout the whole sales process

Advanced sales skills :

by the end of this one day workshop you will be able to

  • Build on your basic sales skills using advanced questioning techniques
  • Use NLP communication skills to further enhance rapport with customers
  • Understand how to build relationships with the four different customer personality types

Supporting your sales team:

A course for team leaders and managers to develop their coaching and sales knowledge to ensure  their coaching supports their team’s sales techniques  and ensures learning is sustained and transferred effectively into the work place.

By the end of this one day workshop, you will be able to

  • Discover different sales coaching techniques to match the individual style of the learner.
  • Drive, motivate and inspire their sales team to maximise all sales opportunities.
  • Be able to effectively deliver a structured and engaging buzz session
  • Looks at how NLP techniques can enhance sales by adapting communication styles
  • Understand the different customer personality type and how they can be used to maximise income generation and customer satisfaction